The Simoa Analyzer combines single molecule analysis with digital ELISA readout. Analytes are captured in solution by antibody loaded beads instead of target-antibody interaction on an antibody immobilized solid phase. Beads - loaded with target or not - are trapped in femtoliter sized microcavities and return digital signal (on/off) for analysis.


Platform intrinsic advantagesOur services at a glance
  • Digital ELISA read out
  • Bead based immune reaction
  • Fully automated platform
  • Ultra sensitive platform
  • Numerous off-the-shelf kits
  • In-house antibody pair testing
  • Assay development services
  • Biomarker assays
  • PK assays
  • Assay transfer
  • Assay validation


Take advantage of Chimera Biotec‘s more than 15 years of in-depth experience as a specialty CRO for immunoassays which go beyond the scope of what is usually considered feasible.