Low Sample Volume Availability

Optimal bioanalytical data despite limited sample volume

The available sample volume for large-molecule bioanalytical sample testing support could be limited for a variety of reasons. In preclinical work for example, animal models such as mouse and rat only allow for a relatively small blood volume (low to mid µl range) to be collected from a single animal. Rare matrices, for instance cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), synovial fluid or ocular biofluids such as aqueous or vitreous humor, are very limited in volume size - even in the cases of larger animal models or human donors in clinical trials. Therefore, Microsampling offers a great advantage in preclinical and clinical trials. However, the correlation of required sample volume vs. assay sensitivity is a major hurdle for most ligand-binding assay platforms.

Chimera Biotec has specialized in immunoassay sample testing support for studies involving Microsampling or with otherwise considerably limited sample volumes. As experts in ultra sensitive bioanalysis, we have excellent capabilities and vast experience in modifying ultra sensitive assays to fulfill the study’s sensitivity requirements while maintaining extremely low sample consumption of.

Chimera’s AnySource® technology allows parallel testing of various analytes, each at the desired sensitivity and minimal sample consumption of a few µl per duplicate run. Best possible specificity is ensured, as multiplex-typical antibody cross-talk is avoided. At no point do extremely low sample volumes need to be handled and only the sample volume designated for Chimera’s services is shipped to our laboratories.