Imperacer®, the award-winning Immuno-PCR (IPCR) based ligand-binding assay platform. Chimera’s proprietary ultra sensitive immunoassay technology that combines the exquisite of ELISA-based antibody specificity with the most sensitive detection system in molecular biology: real-time qPCR.
The exponential signal amplification dramatically improves sensitivity and enables sub pg/ml detection.

Imperacer® assays combine ultra sensitivity with excellent precision, higher than usual drug tolerance, and minimal matrix effects. It´s broad assay range typically reduces the number of required sample dilutions to one, with no hook effect within physiological relevant concentrations.


We offer Imperacer® immunoassays under GLP, GCP and non-regulated.

Chimera Biotec offers full Immuno-PCR testing service for all your bioanalytical needs. Check out our Biomarker Menu for available validated assays. We also develop an ultra-sensitive Imperacer® assay based on your specific requirements.


Imperacer® Technology



In our Immuno-PCR technique, patented antibody-DNA-conjugates are used as detection reagents for the captured analyte of interest.

The following real-time PCR readout allows extremely powerful signal amplification of the DNA-marker and leads to a up to 1000-fold increase in sensitivity, as compared to any standard ELISA.

This ultra sensitivity enables sub pg/ml detection in challenging matrices (blood, salvia, CSF, intraocular fluid and more) with only small assay volume consumption.

Read our case studies and publications to learn more about Imperacer®.



Ultra sensitive in 5 steps

Step 1: 96-well plates are coated with capture antibody

Step 2: Blocking solution reduces unspecific background

Step 3: Adding samples induces analyte binding

Step 4: Chimera´s proprietary DNA-antibody detection
             conjugates form the other half of the complex

Step 5: Real time qPCR exponentially amplifies signal intensity

Chimera´s proprietary AnySource® technology allows high sample dilution to reduce background to a minimum - but still detecting ultra sensitively with our DNA-antibody conjugates.



Immuno-PCR Applications

Imperacer®´s broad assay range of 3-6 log units allows us to perform all your studies – from TOX to clinic - on one platform.




Chimera's Immuno-PCR expertise

We support your study design with ultra sensitive sample testing, courtesy of exponential, PCR driven signal amplification. Developed by the pioneers of the Immuno-PCR, Chimera Biotec’s proprietary Imperacer® technology brings this concept to professional bioanalytical sample testing.


Platform intrinsic advantages Our services at a glance
  • Exponential signal amplification
  • Ultra sensitive platform
  • Extremely broad assay range
  • Microsampling approach
  • In-house antibody pair testing
  • Assay development services
  • PK assays
  • Biomarker assays
  • Assay transfer
  • Assay validation (fit-for-purpose, non-reg., GLP confirm validation)
  • Regulated bioanalysis (non-reg / GCP / GLP)


Take advantage of Chimera Biotec‘s more than 20 years of in-depth experience as a specialty CRO for immunoassays which go beyond the scope of what is usually considered feasible.

Imperacer® (Chimera Biotec; Immuno-PCR; IPCR):

Our proprietary, immunoassay platform Imperacer combines the preeminent specificity of antibody-antigen binding with the extremely powerful signal amplification of DNA analytics, using our patented antibody-DNA conjugates. A double-stranded DNA-tag allows for exponential signal amplification of immunoassay binding events by PCR. This exponential amplification results in ultra sensitive assays with very broad dynamic ranges and - in consequence - to very dilution tolerant assays. Imperacer allows modification of the most sensitive assay procedure toward an assay with the minimal sample volume requirement at the needed level of sensitivity by customized AnySource® sample dilution. Sensitivity can be employed for immunoassay quantification from microliter (µl) volumes of neat sample, still maintaining the needed sensitivity requirement of the study in trials involving microsampling or rare matrix samples.

Benefit from the best in class in immunoassay sensitivity!




All assay services are performed in our GLP/GCP-certified laboratory.