Chimera is a GLP / GCP certified bioanalytical CRO and immunoassay platform provider specialized in ultra sensitive large-molecule bioanalysis

We are a specialty CRO for ultra sensitive and technically demanding bioanalysis, and the world’s leading Immuno-PCR based technology vendor.


Chimera Biotec is well aware of the critical role ultra sensitive bioanalysis plays in modern drug development of biologics, biosimilars and biobetters.
It is our goal to ensure your success in all phases of drug development providing highly sensitive, accurate and reliable bioanalysis data on-time.




Our proprietary Immuno-PCR platform Imperacer® combines antibody specificity with exponential RT qPCR read-out.

Chimera offers services on several highly sensitive platforms that go beyond the capabilities of conventional ELISA immunoassays.
Since 2000, we’ve built our name specializing in supporting drug development programs with the greatest demands on sensitivity and bioanalytical quality.



Our proprietary Dilution Technology AnySource® enables us to use high sample dilution,
thus reducing background and preparing larger working aliquots from low sample volumes.
Combined with Imperacer®, our immunoassays remain ultra sensitive.

Ideal for rare matrices, parallel testing (Polyplexing) and low concentrations.





Life is too short to be complicated - Your PhD-level project manager makes it easier!

As your single point of contact, your dedicated project manager at Chimera ensures that you are heard. Your scientific input guides our assay development – with a ready-to-use kit as well as with an assay tailored to your study in every detail.

To ensure your optimal study support, 100% of our project managers hold a Ph.D. in natural sciences. Our scientific expertise enables us to help you overcoming obstacles through every phase of drug development.





Originating from Greek mythology, the word "Chimera" refers to a hybrid creature whose body is composed of the physiological features of several distinct animals.

Homer described a Chimera being "in the fore part a lion, in the hinder a serpent, and in the midst a goat". (Iliad 6,180 ff.)


In this analogy, the core reagents in our proprietary Imperacer® technology are our chimeric antibody-DNA conjugates,
which combine the specificity of antibody-target binding with the exponential signal amplification of DNA analysis.






As service provider for extremely sensitive immunoassays, we are constantly evaluating emerging bioanalytical platforms to extend our expertise and platform portfolio to deliver immunoassay performance exceeding your highest expectations.