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Chimera Biotec is highly experienced at providing ultra sensitive biomarker sample testing for all phases of drug development - from discovery to preclinical and clinical studies. Benefit from Chimera Biotec‘s 20 years of in-depth experience as the specialty CRO for immunoassays which go beyond the scope of what is usually considered feasible.

Understanding the critical role of ultra sensitive bioanalysis in the development of novel therapeutics, Chimera Biotec is committed to providing support for all phases of the drug development process.


Make use of our services in:

  • Exploratory/ Pre-clinics: Biomarker, PK, Immunogenicity, Microsampling
  • Phase I-IV: Biomarker, PK, Immunogenicity, Microsampling, Multi-Center Trial Support
  • One Assay throughout all phases of drug development; Pre-clinics to Phase IV

From TOX to clinic

We have a long track record of supporting trials targeting a wide range of disease areas including oncology and neurology (CNS), as well as inflammatory, infectious, metabolic and rare diseases.

We also have long-running experience in diverse and rare matrices, e.g. serum/plasma, CSF, cell culture/medium, tissue extracts, mouse tail vein, tears, saliva, synovial fluid and many more. Virtually any matrix can be explored utilizing the Immuno-PCR platform Imperacer® with outstanding ability to maintain supreme sensitivity despite high sample dilution and testing multiple targets in parallel.