Testing multiple analytes in parallel

Working with rare matrices or hard to access samples, it sure comes in handy to measure multiple analytes simutaneously in one experiment.
However, when operating in the ultra sensitive range, even minimal cross reactions can be detected. Additionally, dependend on the used platform, multiplexing and GLP/GCP validation may not be possible.

That is why we use the Polyplex approach with our Imperacer® technology.


Polyplex vs Multiplex


With our dream team combination, the AnySource® sample dilution technology and the Imperacer® platform, we can divide even smallest sample materials in several sub-aliquots.


Thus, we can still detect and quantify a complete panel of targets from a single source with extreme sensitivity and specificity, either in simultaneous multiplex or separate polyplex assays.



In multiplex analysis, different target antigens are detected simultaneously in the same well. However, assay parameters have to compromise and cannot be optimized to each analyte individually.


In our polyplex analysis, we furthermore eliminate unwanted cross-reactivity of antibody pairs and/or DNA by separating multiplex analysis in several small polyplex assays.
This allows for the detection of different analytes in individual, optimized assay conditions.