State-of-the-art bioanalysis for the development of safe and effective biotherapeutics

Fast and simple or adapted to your requirements in every detail:

You can choose commercially avaiable ready-to-use kits and make us perform your bioanalysis strictly based on the kit manual.

If you need adaptation, we are happy to include your preferred qualitiy controls and improve the assay.

Our expertise lies the in detailed optimization of your assay tailored to your study, considering e.g. desired sensitivity, sample volume and assay range.



Our laboratory is GLP-certified and offers immunoassay services under the regulation of your choice:

        ♦  GLP

        ♦  GCP

        ♦  non-GxP

with compliance to FDA and EMA.




Your study samples will be stored, handled, analyzed, reported and archived with greatest care and swift turn around:

        ♦  Ultra sensitive ligand-binding assay sample testing

        ♦  GLP / GCP regulated bioanalytical support or exploratory sample testing

        ♦  Sample logistics and data reconciliation services supporting multi-center clinical trials

        ♦  Sample storage in 24/7 monitored environment



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Method Validation




Chimera Biotec:
Your GLP-certifed CRO for ultra sensitive & technically demanding immunoassays since 2000

Supporting your success in all phases of drug development by providing highly sensitive, accurate and reliable
bioanalytical data on-time.