Selecting the ideal ultra sensitive platform for your specific bioanalytical study

Prior to launching a new bioanalytical project, consult Chimera’s technology evaluation services for customized immunoassay solutions.

The quality of available antibody reagents is the basis for any immunoassay. However, study specific requirements may lead to bioanalytical challenges beyond the capabilities of standard large molecule sample testing. At Chimera, we have the scientific expertise and technical capabilities to define the optimal platform technology based on your pharmacological requirements.

When evaluating platform suitability, our laboratory and/or consultation services consider the following criteria:

  • Sensitivity requirement
  • Regulatory requirements (GLP / GCP)
  • Desired assay range
  • Sample volume
  • Budget
  • Timeline / Throughput
  • Single or multi analyte testing
  • Method transfer
  • Matrix effects
  • Availability of validated commercial assay kits (e.g. high sensitive ELISA kits, Quanterix Kits, Imperacer® kits)

Your study needs are unique and, thus, require the optimal platform. Take advantage of our technology evaluation services to identify the immunoassay platform most suited to your particular study.