ELISA (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assays) is the gold standard for the quantification of proteins in ligand binding assays. The use of Chimera’s proprietary multimeric conjugates together with modern substrates opens the door for highly sensitive target quantification.

Platform intrinsic advantagesOur services at a glance
  • Highly sensitive assays
  • Fast and automated platform
  • Wide range of assay kits
  • In-house antibody pair testing
  • Assay development services
  • Biomarker assays
  • PK assays
  • Assay transfer
  • Assay validation (fit-for-purpose, non-reg., GLP confirm validation)
  • Regulated bioanalysis (non-reg / GCP / GLP)

Take advantage of Chimera Biotec‘s more than 20 years of in-depth experience as a specialty CRO for immunoassays which go beyond the scope of what is usually considered feasible.