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From our newsletter "Bispecific T Cell Engager - Their Role in Immuno-Oncology"



Here, Ma et al. (2020) describe T cell engagers (TCEs) binding to the tumor marker CEA (serum carcinoembryonic antigen) on cancer cells
and CD3 on T cells in the tumor compartment to form bivalent TCE ternary complex (biTTC).

They use a quantitative systems pharmacology (QPS) model to explore TCE efficiency, identify potential biomarkers
and can even predict patient-specific response to TCE treatment.





We routinely develop and validate ultra sensitive PK assays for GLP/GCP regulated bioanalytical sample testing support of bispecific antibody-based therapies, such as TCRs, for treatment of various malignancies.

Chimera´s AnySource® sample dilution minimizes matrix effects, enabling therapeutic antibodies target detection in the presence of ~ 1,000,000-fold excess of endogenous antibodies.


We offer complete service packages (PK/PD, Immunogenicity, Biomarker) across multiple platforms.



From our newsletter "Neurodegenerative Diseases - Bioanalytical Solutions"



Here, Yoo et al. (2020) suggest soluble Aβ*56 and AβO as potential biomarkers for AD in nasal discharge.

While increased levels in Aβ*56 alone can indicate mild AD, additionally increased AβO levels give hint to a moderate stage.

This suggests soluble Aβ*56 and AβO as potential biomarkers for AD in nasal discharge.



To address the low oral bioavailability and side effects of levodopa, Arisoy et al. (2020) used nano-sized drug carriers for nose to brain delivery.

The levodopa-coated biocompatible nanoparticles prolonged release up to 9h and improved locomotor activity in Parkinson´s Diesease model in mice.



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