Extreme drug-tolerance in immunogenicity testing

Immunogenicity describes a drug´s ability to provoke an immune response in the body. While vaccines intend to create such an immune response, it is unwanted when directed against a therapeutic drug.

We provide support for assays using

     • Anti-drug antibodies (ADA)

     • Neutralizing antibodies (NAb)


Immune reactions are complex and responses can occur in a range between clinically not noticalble and life-threatening. We develop your assay tailored to your drug and disease and support your study before, during and after approval, since a routine monitoring can show drug efficiancy reduction after longer time periods.




Our ADA and NAb assays are based on the MSD™ technology, but we aim to establish cell-based assays soon.

Trade off immunoassay sensitivity for optimized drug-tolerance in immunogenicity testing.


Immunogenicity literature list