Our products are designed to enhance your in-house assay development and sample testing. Forge ahead to better assay performance at your site.

As experts in the field of immunoassay developers, we gained a lot of knowledge, not only on ultra sensitive platforms, but also for generic and common platforms like ELISA. Based on this knowledge, we designed products and solutions which support your in-house assay development to push it to the next level.

Contact us if your are interested in:

  • Serum/Plasma surrogate matrix with low/depleted biomarker level
  • Customized conjugate services for ELISA, MSD, Simoa, Imperacer®
  • Customized assay development kits
  • Assay development kits
  • Complete assay and instrument equipment for ultra sensitive assay development and/or bioanalytical support
  • Maintenance kits