Take advantage of Imperacer®, the award winning Immuno-PCR (IPCR) based ligand-binding assay platform. Imperacer® combines exquisite specificity of ELISA-type immunoassay technology with the most sensitive detection system in molecular biology: real-time QPCR .


Add ultra sensitive sample testing support to your study design, with exponential, PCR driven signal amplification. Developed by pioneers of Immuno-PCR, Chimera Biotec’s proprietary Imperacer® technology brings this concept to professional bioanalytical sample testing. Benefit from the best in class immunoassay sensitivity!


Platform intrinsic advantagesOur services at a glance
  • Exponential signal amplification
  • Ultra sensitive platform
  • Extreme broad assay range
  • Microsampling approach
  • In-house antibody pair testing
  • Assay development services
  • PK assays
  • Biomarker assays
  • Assay transfer
  • Assay validation (fit-for-purpose, non-reg., GLP confirm validation)
  • Regulated bioanalysis (non-reg / GCP / GLP)

Take advantage of more than 15 years of in-depth experience of Chimera Biotec as specialty CRO for immunoassays beyond the scope of what is usually considered feasible.