Chimera Biotec: Your specialized CRO for ultra sensitive immunoassay development and related services for novel biologics, biosimilars and biomarkers.

Your study needs define our assays! Chimera Biotec´s assay development services begin with in-depth discussion between your team and your dedicated project manager at Chimera. The platform which is best- suited will be selected and an optimal project plan developed:

  1. Reagent Qualification: based on your proprietary reagent or commercially available material, we will identify the reagents which are best suited for your assay.
  2. Detection-Antibody Conjugation: depending on the selected immunoassay platform, Chimera will synthesize or select the optimal detection-conjugate (antibody-DNA conjugate, antibody-enzyme conjugate, antibody-fluorophor conjugate, etc.)
  3. Assay setup and optimization: as soon as the core assay reagents have been identified, the assay will be developed to fulfill your bioanalytical study requirements. Here our expertise in ultra sensitive immunoassays not only allows us to fulfill sensitivity needs, but related aspects as well via custom Anysource® sample dilution: adaptation to challenging matrices / multiple matrices / low volume matrices / microsampling / ...
  4. Assay parameter characterization / pre-validation: in this work package, the developed assay(s) are converted into bioanalytical method(s) ready for validation.