Chimera Biotec is a bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO) and immunoassay platform provider specialized in ultra sensitive large-molecule bioanalysis.

Chimera Biotec is a service provider for ultra sensitive large-molecule bioanalysis and the worlds leading Immuno-PCR (IPCR) based technology vendor.

As service provider for extremely sensitive immunoassays, we are constantly evaluating novel, emerging technology platforms to build both our expertise and platform portfolio, so we may continue to deliver immunoassay performance which exceeds your highest expectations.

A Ph.D. level project manager will be your key contact person to ensure our team of dedicated scientists is working to fulfill your study requirements with the highest quality and swift turn around.

The word "chimera" originates from Greek mythology, where a hybrid creature is composed of the body parts of multiple animals. In analogy, the core reagents in our proprietary Imperacer® immunoassay technology are chimeric antibody-DNA conjugates: combining the specificity of antibody-target binding with the exponential signal amplification of DNA analysis.